Cancellation Policy

In the event customer cancel the reservation due to a non-weather condition at anytime or 4 days prior to the rental date, All Stars Jumpers will refund the amount of the deposit minus taxes charged on the deposit.  In the event customer postpones the event date due to non-weather related conditions within 3 days of the event date, All Stars Jumpers will keep the deposit as a deposit for the rescheduled date and make every effort to reschedule rental of same unit on the alternate date.  When same units are unavailable for rescheduled date, similar or like units may be available.  If customer does not want to reschedule and cancellation is made within 3 days prior to the reservation date this will result in the forfeit of the paid deposit neither refundable nor credited back to the customer will be issue.  Cancellation due to weather conditions like High winds, precipitation and thunderstorms will result in the deposit and any other amount paid towards the rental be refundable to the customer as long as the units are not delivered, customer shall have right of severe weather cancellation up to the day of the rental. Upon installation of units, however, units shall be considered rented and subsequently non-refundable.  For safety reasons All Stars Jumpers reserves the right to cancel the rental due to inclement weather.  In the event of wind conditions exceeding 15 MPH, All Stars Jumpers units may be installed but not inflated for use until the wind condition improves to less than 15 MPH.  Your safety is our top priority and we will make every effort to deliver and set up every rental reservation however due to increased chances of injury or electrocution we cannot set up if it is actively raining.  In the event of light rain with forecast for clearing skies, unit may be delivered and installed as requested, All Stars Jumpers requires that precipitation must have stopped before resuming operation.

NON ACCESSIBLE AREAS, All Stars Jumpers reserves the right to determine the installation of the inflatable or not due to inaccessible areas.  The best place to install the inflatables is on grass and flat areas.  If the inflatable can’t be installed, the deposit will be reimbursed.



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